World Women’s Day: Difficulties fell in front of the spirits of these women

World Women's Day

World Women’s Day 8th March: The whole world is celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March. Various programs have been organized on this occasion at various places. In such a situation, today we tell you the story of some brave women of Delhi, in front of whom the difficulties have become even smaller. Some women overcame physical obstacles with her courage, while someone showed courage and introduced the children to their families. After halala and polygamy, someone has now opened a front against the hijab. These women are registering their identity well at home as well as on other fronts. 

People reach ASI Seema Dhaka in the hope of finding the lost child

After watching YouTube videos People reach to ASI Seema Dhaka who gets promoted after finding missing children. This also includes those whose children have gone missing from other police station areas and who are not satisfied with the investigating officer. On finding the lost children in the year 2020, the then Police Commissioner SN Srivastava had announced the promotion of Seema Dhaka without turning. 

Seema Dhaka, posted at Samaypur Badli police station, had traced 76 children within three months, after which they were made ASI from head constables. Even after getting the promotion, Seema did not stop this work, but in one and a half years has found 74 more children. Among them there are some children who were not lost from the Samaypur Badli police station area, after seeing Seema on YouTube, the families of the children contacted Seema. A team of head constable Sunita and head constable Manoj has been formed under Seema’s supervision. In this, Manoj has traced 112 and Sunita 75 children and reunited them with their families. A letter has been sent to the Police Headquarters for their promotion.

Samina is explaining the importance of education to the girls 

Dr. Samina, who is fighting a legal battle against the practice of halala and polygamy in Muslim society, has now opened a front regarding the hijab. They say that the education of Muslim girls will be affected by this. She is explaining to the people that she should send girls in school uniform, do not stick to the insistence of hijab. Dr. Samina says that there is no such seriousness about the education of girls. In such a situation, due to the rise of the issue of hijab, girls will be further away from studies, so they have raised their voices. 

Dr. Samina is going door-to-door in Okhla, Batla House, and other Muslim areas, explaining to women. She explains to the families of the girls that they should not stop the education of girls in the name of the hijab. Many families have also agreed with his views and have decided to send their daughters to school. Dr. Samina says that she is against the fundamentalists. He also says that he is in favor of compromise in triple talaq cases because if one family breaks up, many people are affected. In such a situation, the work of connecting the family should be done. In the last six months, he has agreed to talks in 12 cases in Delhi.

Leaving physical obstacles behind with determination and courage

Smriti Singh, Associate Professor at Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, overcame physical obstacles with her determination and spirited flight. Due to the campaign run by the visually impaired Smriti Singh, special QR codes will soon be printed on the medicine strip, which will be scanned to give complete information about the medicine to the visually impaired person. 

Dr. Smriti Singh, a teacher of English literature, had started a campaign to mark the QR code on the medicine strip a few days back. He got the support of Dr. Mathew Varghese, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon of St. Stephens Hospital in this campaign. Due to the absence of any special code for visually impaired people on the medicine strip, they are not able to get complete information about the medicine. 

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There is a possibility of making a mistake due to this, which can also lead to loss of life. In view of this situation, Dr. Smriti Singh had demanded to write the QR code on the medicine strip, on which the name of the drug, the quantity of the drug, the generic name of the drug, its batch number, production date, expiry date, and its side. Be aware of the effect. Regarding this demand, he appealed to the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of AYUSH, Health Ministry, NITI Aayog, and also launched a social media campaign.

On this, he has got assurance from the head of NITI Aayog to put the QR. Dr. Smriti Singh told that both she and her husband are visually impaired. At the time of the second wave of Corona, she was in the grip of infection. At such a time, he felt the need that I wish the QR code was written on the medicine strip. After this, he started this campaign.

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