Yogi Govt’s new initiative: BSC-MSc students will get jobs in sugar mills

Yogi Govt's new initiative

Yogi Govt’s new initiative: Conditions of cooperative sugar mills are not good. In order to make them shiny by making losses, there is a preparation to make young hands Bhagirath. For this, the Yogi government has an eye on such youths, who have no experience of ability and skill, so the government of such people is going to hold hands and give them the first job as a contract. If they prove themselves in their area, then even the factory management will be decorated on the seat.

The UP State Sugar Corporation has taken a positive initiative to connect unemployed youth with the mainstream of employment. Technically qualified youth will be deployed on contractual level up to officer and employee level. 

This is the first time that posts related to engineering, accounting, sugar technology, etc. are being given to the management trainee without any experience. After the approval of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Sugarcane Minister Suresh Rana has given the green signal to start this process with transparency. Preparation is being given to the young girls with B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Agriculture) from the campus selection.

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Pilot project Meerut, Basti, and Gorakhpur

three sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh from Mundrewa (Basti), Pipraich (Gorakhpur), and Mohiuddinpur (Meerut) are being launched this ambitious government project. According to the Chief Secretary Sugar Industry and Sugarcane Corporation Limited, the details have been given on WW.UP Sugar Corporation.com. Initially, this process is being done on 51 posts. It consists of technically proficient and resultant personnel having a high professional outlook on the post of Principal Manager, Chief Engineer, Chief Chemist, Chief Accountant, Chief Sugarcane Manager, Deputy Chief Chemist, Assistant Engineer, Construction Chemist, Sugarcane Manager, Administrative Officer, and Quality Controller Manager. will be kept.

There are six cooperative sugar mills in

Ruhelkhand, six cooperative sugar mills have been found in Ruhelkhand. They are owned by the government. The young men who are kept here without experience will have full opportunity to prove themselves so that they can make their living. Three cooperative Chinese have been found in Pilibhit. One of these is in Puranpur, one in Bisalpur. A sugar mill of a medium has been closed. 

The Puranpur and Bisalpur sugar mills keep telling themselves in losses. District sugarcane officer Jitendra Mishra said that with the arrival of the youth, the cooperative sugar mills will get a new vision and this is a great initiative of the government. A survey is also being done in Rohelkhand where we can do better.