YouTubers: Now It will be difficult to upload videos on Youtube, company has made new rules


YouTubers: YouTube is the world’s largest video viewing platform. Where you will find millions of videos related to documentary videos to exam videos, movie trailers, DIY tutorials, and recipes. This is why YouTube is one of the platforms that attract advertisers more. YouTube has 2 billion logged-in users. But YouTube is still not able to stop the misuse of copyrighted content. To prevent this, the company is now making new rules. 

YouTube introduced a new tool

YouTube has introduced a new tool to simplify the process of video uploads and ad revenue. This tool is named ‘Check’. This tool will also tell creators when uploading video content that their video contains copyright material that is against advertising guidelines. This new system relies on Content ID. If a video is scanned and YouTube tells it to be copyrighted, then the company will cancel the upload of that video and tell you which part of the video you want to remove. After which you will have to remove that part from your video, after doing this, you will still be able to upload that video.  

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Taxes will have to be paid on the earnings made from YouTube:

In the last few years, the craze of making more videos on YouTube and the growth of YouTubers has increased rapidly. YouTubers are making a lot of money from this. But now you may have to lose your pockets to make a big hit with your video here because now YouTube is going to make major changes in the coming days through the new policy of 2021. 

YouTuber will now have to pay tax on YouTube’s earnings. YouTubers will have to pay about 15 to 30 percent of the revenue to Google as tax. YouTube is a part of Google, that’s why Google will collect this tax. Currently, this tax will be collected from YouTubers living outside the US. But from May 31 onwards, YouTubers in India will also be subject to Google tax.

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