IRCTC/Indian Railways: 110 special trains running for the festive season, a total of 668 trips will be made, see list

Indian Railway New Rules

IRCTC/Indian Railways: Indian Railways is ready for the festive season, in view of this, it is running 110 Special Trains (110 New Special Trains) in this festive season. Railways have run many trains to connect the major stations of the country. The special thing is that these 110 special trains will complete 668 trips during the festival season. All this preparation was done by the Railways during Durga Puja. At the same time, till now the major festivals which are Diwali and Chhath Puja, these special train trips will continue. Northern Railway is running a maximum of 26 trains, 26 trains of Northern Railway will make 312 rounds.

According to a release issued by the Ministry of Railways, for the convenience of railway passengers and to clear the extra rush of passengers during this festive season, Indian Railways is running 668 special trains of 110 special trains from Durga Puja to Chhath Puja this year. Is. Also, coaches are being increased in regular trains to ensure the availability of berths during this festive rush.

IRCTC/Indian Railways: Trains of various railway zones are running as follows…

NR – 26 trains and 312 trips

NCR – 4 trains and 26 trips

NER – 4 trains and 24 trips

NWR – 4 trains and 4 trips

ER – 6 trains and 44 trips

ECR – 6 trains and 12 trips

ECOR – 8 trains and 24 trips

SR – 6 trains and 12 trips

SER – 8 trains and 46 trips

SWR – 2 trains and 10 trips

CR – 6 trains and 26 trips

WR – 18 trains and 102 trips

WCR – 12 trains and 26 trips

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Passengers should note that crowd control measures are being ensured by creating queues at Terminus stations under the supervision of RPF staff for orderly entry of passengers in unreserved coaches. In addition, measures have also been taken to announce the arrival/departure of trains with platform numbers more frequently and on time.

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