Can the smallpox vaccine protect you from monkeypox for life?

Monkeypox: Despite the fact that wealthy countries are stockpiling smallpox vaccines to combat the current monkeypox outbreak, a recent study published in the Lancet suggested that immunity to the virus may not last a lifetime. According to the World Health Organization, which recently declared the disease a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the monkeypox…

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Summer and Covid

How to increase the immunity of children between summer and Covid? Learn 5 remedies from a doctor

Summer and Covid: Covid is not completely over yet, despite continuous vaccination, the cases of corona have decreased but are not over, so we still need to be alert, especially those people whose immunity is less than a normal person like pregnant women, the Elderly, and children. Children are at home during summer vacation, so…

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Factors that affect Fertility

These 4 reasons can affect your fertility at an early age, know what are these factors

Factors that affect Fertility: Today’s young men and women have become so aspirational about their careers that they even make the decision of getting married late. But, most people are also unaware of the fact that their biological clock does not wait for anyone. Marrying late and then family planning after the age of 30-35, many times…

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infused water

Infused water helps you to keep your body hydrated in summer, know How to make it, and its benefits

Infused water: To keep the body healthy, it is very important to drink water in every season. But its need increases even more during the summer days. Doctors also advise a healthy person to drink eight glasses of water a day. But there are many people who, despite knowing this, are not able to drink a sufficient quantity…

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Dhatura Enhances the Physical Ability of Men along with Removing Baldness, Just use this way

Benefits Of Dhatura: Dhatura is offered to please Lord Shiva. Dhatura is very dear to Bholenath. It is believed that by giving Dhulera to Bholenath, one gets relief from sorrows. But do you know that Dhatura is offered not only to please Lord Shiva but also in diseases, Dhatura is also used. According to the news of organic factors, if taken…

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