5 big benefits for salaried to make Provident Fund management easier

EPF interest rate

Incepted by the government of India, EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) is the largest social security organization in India. Among all the things EPFO offers, it mostly encourages employees to save for retirement. The website, EPF unified portal, provides access to various information and online services. The EPFO portal offers a host of benefits online, which members can avail by registering on the EPFO portal.

If you are already contributing towards EPF, as an EPFO member you need to activate your account first in order to avail the features of this platform. To activate the account or for registering at the portal, you need to provide a Universal Account Number (UAN) which is given by the employer for easy management of your provident fund contributions.

Services offered through this portal:

Once UAN is activated, employees can log in using UAN and password and access various online services. The Universal Account Number acts as an umbrella for all the multiple EPF accounts through this one number. You can avail services like updating PF passbook, all transfer-in details, link previous members’ ID with present ID, monthly SMS regarding credit of contribution in PF account, updating your UAN card, auto-transfer request on change of employment and update KYC details.

EPF transfer Online: Earlier, you could transfer your PF amount online under ‘Online Transfer Claim Portal’. However, now with the introduction of UAN, the process has been shifted under ‘unified portal’, which has made PF transfer from one account to another easy, and hassle-free.

E-Sewa: The e-sewa service has been provided for all employees in the portal. With this, you can avail various facilities like UAN Card download, update KYC information, receiving passbook linked to UAN, and many more. You can register for this service using your UAN.

PF withdrawal Online: Partial withdrawal or full withdrawal of the PF money is allowed under certain circumstances for employees. Now, you can withdraw your PF amount online easily using UAN linked with Aadhaar.

Inoperative Accounts: With the in-operative accounts online helpdesk, you can easily track any old or dormant in-operative EPF accounts that have been lying idle. You can track your old Inoperative PF accounts and also get them transferred to your present account by providing some previous employment details. However, if an investor goes to withdraw their money from their PF account after 20 years, without ever filling up the Form H, they will only receive interest on the initial investment made during the first 15 years, for the extra 5 years no interest will be paid.

Claim status, SMS service, and Passbook: EPFO members can now check their claim status, view their passbook through the online portal. You can also update and modify personal details and basic KYC details online. You can also get details such as last contribution, KYC status, current PF balance, just by sending SMS. You can also give a missed call to number 011-22901406 to get details by SMS.