Money will not have to be paid on deducting Traffic Challan, get it canceled like this, know-how

Traffic Challan

Traffic Challan: If the traffic police have deducted your challan by mistake or if the challan has been deducted for no fault of yours, then do not panic. Now you can challenge this challan by going to many levels. You already have many options to cancel the challan. You just need to know about it. For this, you can also call the helpline number of the traffic police.

Also, you can give this information to the nearest traffic police station. If your complaint is not heard even in these places, then you have the option to challenge it in court. If you prove the mistake of the traffic police, then you will not need to submit the challan.

If you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, or anything, then your challan will definitely be deducted at some point. In the event of a wrong challan being deducted, first of all, you will have to go to the nearest traffic police station and complain about it. If you explain to them well about the time and day of deducting the challan that your challan is wrong. If that officer accepts your point, then your challan can be canceled from there also.

You can challenge the challan in the court, similarly, you can challenge the wrong challan in the court also. Will tell the court why you are challenging that challan. You will have to tell in the court that no mistake has been made on your part or that he was not there on that day and place. The traffic police have deducted the challan due to some misunderstanding or any other reason. If the court considers that the challan has been sent incorrectly, it will cancel it and you will not be required to fill it.

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In these ways, the challan can be canceled

Let Us tell you that the traffic police have installed cameras to keep information about the violation of traffic rules like overspeeding, red light jumping, and stopping the vehicle beyond the stop line. Challans are generated by reading automatic number plates of traffic rule breakers from these cameras. But, many times the number plate of the people’s vehicle is either not written correctly or in case of mud on the number plate, the number of the vehicle is not displayed correctly, due to which the challans are wrongly deducted. Due to not being able to read the number plate properly, the challan of someone else is deducted instead of the one who made the mistake. If the wrong challan is deducted then it can also be canceled.

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