UPI or IMPS failed even after deducting money from the account This is how you will get money back

UPI Payment through Missed Call

UPI or IMPS: Online transactions have increased since the lockdown of Coronavirus last year. Once again in the country, due to Corona, the condition is almost the same. In most cities, there is a lockdown, due to which once again people have the option to make online payment because the banks are also open for some time. There are times when doing online transactions that the money is deducted from the account but does not go to the front account. Especially when doing UPI or IMPS. However, banks have set a time limit, especially in the event that UPI or IMPS fails, but if the money is deducted from the account, then that amount is returned to the account holder account in a few days. But what if the money does not come into your account from the bank on time. Regarding this, the Reserve Bank had issued a circular on 19 September 2019 in this matter. According to which, if the money is not returned to a customer’s account within the stipulated time, then the bank will have to pay a penalty of Rs 100 daily to the customer.

The bank has to return the money with a penalty of 100 rupees every day

According to RBI, in case of IMPS transaction failure, the amount should be automatically returned to the customer’s account in T + 1 day. T stands for Transaction Date. This means that if a transaction fails today, this amount should be returned to the account on the next working day. If the bank does not do so, then the customer will have to pay Rs 100 daily as per the penalty. In the case of UPI, there should be an auto reversal in the customer’s account on T + 1 day. If this is not done, the bank will have to pay a penalty of Rs 100 daily after T + 1 day. 

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This is how you can complain

If your transaction fails, you should wait until the deadline set by your service provider to settle the case. If the bank is unable to return the money to you within the stipulated time, then in that case a complaint has to be lodged with the system provider or system participant. If they fail to resolve the matter within a month, then you can complain to the RBI ambassador. In this link, you can get information about the ambassador of your city.  Also, you can get the link to complain online from here.


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